The Future of Instagram: Predictions and Possibilities

The Future of Instagram: Predictions and Possibilities

Instagram has been the butt of many jokes over the years, but it nonetheless remains one of the most popular social media platforms with 500 million monthly active users worldwide. Year by year, Instagram continues to evolve and innovate. The app’s new features and functions are constantly expanding and improving upon the possibilities of what users can do on the platform. However, in spite of its massive user base, Instagram continues to be one of the most controversial social media platforms. Buying Instagram followers from Goread is a cost-effective way to grow your social media presence.

Business Focus

In recent years, Instagram has seen a significant increase in the number of businesses using their platform. As of 2018, there were 800,000 businesses using Instagram to promote their products and services. The app is especially popular among small businesses as it allows them to expand their customer base and market towards an audience that they might not be able to reach otherwise. Although many argue that Instagram has been guilty of allowing businesses to use the app and other functions without requiring that they provide a product or service for free, most businesses have found this model to be extremely beneficial in a variety of ways.

Abandoning the Feed

A large number of users have complained about the feed on Instagram.  Many argue that it is too distracting, cluttered, and time consuming. Because of this, some users have begun leaving the feed altogether. In fact, according to a study by Curalate, 75% of users have not visited the feed in the last month. Instead, most users have switched to Instagram Explore. This feature allows users to scroll through a selection of recommended posts from other accounts that they follow. This change is a result of users wanting to get more out of their Instagram experience. They want more freedom and less distraction when looking at posts.

In 2018, Instagram took note of this change and added a new feature to the Explore page. Now, when users search for hashtags or accounts, they will be able to browse through these options without leaving the Explore page.

This small change was a response to users’ desires for more control over their Instagram experience. Users want the power to choose which posts they see and which they don’t.

New Focus on Video

This year, Instagram has released features that make it easier than ever to share videos with followers. According to Instagram, videos on the app have seen a massive 600% increase in posts.

This is due in part to the new video features, which allow users to do more with their videos without leaving the app. Users can now create vertical videos (videos that play on the screen sideways) and post them in full-screen mode.

Users can also add text and stickers to their videos and post them quickly as a Story. They can also add links and hashtags – something that was not previously possible with Instagram videos.